ZAC RIDERS          5516 Troost KC, MO.

The purpose and goals of the Kansas City Missouri ZAC Riders is to lead by examples in both our M/C communities and civil communities. This is done by maintaining a positive image at all times while affording all that we come in contact with respect, dignity, and unquestionable integrity. This includes all ethnic, gender, and economic statuses. We pride ourselves on taking the structure and values of a traditional motorcycle club to the next level. This is why we say "You've Tried The Rest Now Try The Best". 

​​The ZAC Riders Motorcycle Club is a national organization based out of Omaha Nebraska that was established in 1996.  The National office consists of the Organization's Founder James "Big Budah " Travis, the National President and National Secretary.  The Kansas City Missouri ZAC Chapter was established in 1999. ZAC stands for Zuukira Associated Cycle. The word Zuukira is an African proverb that stands for he has risen. This website is owned and maintained by the Kansas City Missouri Chapter.

The mission of our Kansas City Missouri Chapter is to fellowship, support, and serve our club members and our community through our number one passion, our love of motorcycling.  



Kansas City MC & Kansas MC places you can go and have fun, just click this link.


  • MC Breed Tribute - Ain't No Future in Yo' Frontin' Instrumental [ FL Studio Remake ] (SoundFrost_kMW4:36
  • $$$$ I Ain't To Be F____D With4:04
  • V.I.C. - Wobble (SoundFrost_2IHomA2TcJ4_1366682872)12:30
  • BIG POPPA9:34